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Here’s Why The 2017 Toyota Corolla Gets Great Traction

April 24, 2017 Featured No Comments


At Schaumburg Toyota in Schaumburg, IL, we know buying a car is a big decision with many factors to be taken into account. That’s why our mission is to provide our customers with quality information, so each one can find the right car for their life. One of the topics that comes up time and again is the difference among drivetrains. Each one has its own benefits and characteristics you should know before signing on the bottom line.

If you’re looking for a new sedan like the 2017 Toyota Corolla, you’ll be dealing with FWD. This means the engine is providing power to the front wheels, thus providing increased traction. Because of this, FWD vehicles do great on wet roads. They also get better fuel economy and come with a lower sticker price.

On the contrary, a RWD vehicle has power supplied to the rear wheels. This makes it a great choice for towing or hauling a heavy load, but because the front of the vehicle is lighter, it doesn’t perform well on snowy roads. Superior handling makes RWD a popular choice among performance vehicles.

AWD/4WD are often mistaken as the same, which is basically true in theory, but there are a couple main differences. AWD, for starters, is always on and gets excellent traction on wet roads. 4WD, on the other hand, must be manually engaged by the driver and does better in off-road conditions. Both come with a higher sticker price, but it can be worth it for the right driver.

Stop by Schaumburg Toyota today to learn more! When you’re looking for a Toyota dealer near Des Plaines, let our friendly and experienced staff help you find the perfect vehicle for your life!


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