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2013 Toyota Prius Plug-in put to the test

Earlier this year, Toyota launched the first ever Prius Plug-in MPG Challenge. The first wave of the Challenge was rather successful and we are proud to announce the launch of wave two! We hope you’ll read on for all the details on the Prius Plug-in MPG Challenge! … Continue Reading

Toyota Camry recognized for initial quality

Here at Schaumburg Toyota, your trusted local Toyota dealer, we strive to always provide our customers with the highest quality in terms of both service and selection. We are very proud to announce that one of our vehicles, the Toyota Camry, was recently recognized by J.D. Power and Associates for its high quality. Read on below for all the details! … Continue Reading

2014 Toyota Corolla will be the best yet

47 years ago, the Toyota Corolla was introduced and the subcompact category of vehicles was forever changed. For 2014, the Toyota Corolla will look and drive better than ever! Your friends here at Schaumburg Toyota, your trusted new Toyota dealer, are here with the details for you. We hope you’ll read on to learn more about the incredible model! … Continue Reading

Toyota launches new campaign, new model year

October 27, 2011 Featured, Toyota News No Comments

The highly successful Toyota Camry mid-sized sedan will no doubt continue its successful run on top of the auto market thanks to its latest model year – the 2012 Toyota Camry.  Critics and fans alike are calling the 2012 Toyota Camry the best version of the Camry to date.  And that is saying something, considering the Toyota Camry has been the top selling car in America for the last thirteen out of fourteen years.  However, thanks to new Toyota inventions, like Entune, improved fuel efficiency and more, the 2012 Toyota Camry, from our local Toyota Arlington Heights dealer, Schaumburg Toyota, is no doubt better than ever. … Continue Reading

Toyota leads the pack

October 20, 2011 Featured, Toyota News No Comments

When you think of brands, which ones come to mind?  If you were to rank your top brands, from any market, what would they be?  The ability of a consumer to recall a brand, the willingness of a consumer to be brand loyal and the satisfaction of a consumer with a brand’s products are undeniably important to companies.  In fact, a brand’s image with consumers is arguably the single most important factor to determining a brand’s, and ultimately a company’s, success. … Continue Reading

Toyota continues to employ Americans

October 14, 2011 Featured, Toyota News No Comments

Toyota recently announced plans to increase its production of engines at its Alabama Corporate Toyota Motor Manufacturing plant in Huntsville, Alabama.  The plant has been a significant part of the Toyota enterprise for a decade now and thanks to this latest announcement by Toyota, the plant will prove to continue to be important to Toyota as a whole, not to mention the importance to the Huntsville, Alabama community. … Continue Reading

Toyotas now with personal assistant

October 7, 2011 Featured, Toyota News No Comments

If you are anything like me, you are constantly running around with a million and five things on your to-do list and no chance in the world of actually getting everything done.  However, despite your inability to finish what is currently on your plate, you always say “sure” with a smile whenever someone asks you to do anything else.  … Continue Reading

Toyota spills the beans on the Prius PHV

September 27, 2011 Featured, Toyota News No Comments

The day has finally come and let me tell you, we are beyond excited.  As an Elgin Toyota dealer, we cannot tell you how many people have come into the store asking for details about the production model of the Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid, or the Prius PHV.  Mainly, they wanted to know how does it work, when is it coming, and how much does it cost.  … Continue Reading

Toyota showing it cares

September 19, 2011 Featured, Toyota News No Comments

Last month, Toyota Motor Corporation ran a national campaign with one motive – to do “good” in the community.  The program, entitled Toyota 100 Cars for Good program, was a multifaceted, multimedia effort to show the importance Toyota vehicles, like those for sale at your local Elgin Toyota dealer, play in assisting organizations whose goal is to do “good” in their own unique and individual ways.  The program ran from May through the end of August. … Continue Reading

Big things come in small packages

September 14, 2011 Featured, Toyota News No Comments

If there is any need for proof of the old saying “big things come in small packages,” the Toyota Yaris answers the call with flying colors.  And, while the Toyota Yaris has always had a lot to offer drivers despite its little form, the latest version available at your local Roselle Toyota dealer of Schaumburg Toyota, the 2012 Toyota Yaris, takes the phrase to a whole new level. … Continue Reading



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  • DAVID V BURDETTE via DealerRater
    SCHAUMBURG TOYOTA is far ahead of their competition. I come from Huntley to get our Camry and Avalon serviced. The new facility is great but they were giving the same five star service in the older facility. I would not consider going to any other dealer for anything I need for either vehicle. This is […]
  • Claudia2003 via DealerRater
    I've been a customer of Schaumburg Toyota for over 20 years and have always been pleased with their cars and service. I would definitely recommend this dealership to my friends and family. Anthony Mejias, in the service department, was very professional and fully explained what service was needed on my SUV. I appreciate Anthony's time […]
  • ToyotaGuy via DealerRater
    I drive approximately 40 miles to come to this dealership when I need something done, because it is by far the best. Foolishly, I once took our 2008 Yaris to the North Side Chicago location, a different dealer, and was extremely disappointed when they attempted to up sell me during a routine oil change, ONLY […]
  • Stanley A. via DealerRater
    I know Igor Mett (New cars sales menager) 13 years. All these years i am bying cars with his help. All theseyears the best price and the best service! Will never go to another place! Outstanding general menager Chris Haley!!! Thank you very much!!! Stanley. A.
  • james d bogacz via DealerRater
    The ckeck in was quick even though the service department was busy. The customer waiting area was comfortable and I made use of the coffee maker makes a good esspresso. Looking forward to my next visit.